About AcrossOcean

Since its inception in 2004, AcrossOcean.com is the dominant leader in the online travel market in India and maintains its presence worldwide. We, at AcrossOcean, abide by our company's core values in our every endeavour. Among the services that stand out for travelers is easily accessible information, user-friendly Technology that facilitates planning, and 24/7 assistance around the world. This Section discusses seven important services: Web-based traveler portals, traveler profile Tools, mobile services, emergency assistance and risk management services, social media, VIP and end-to-end services and unused-ticket management solutions.

Corporate Travel

Going forward, AcrossOcean.com aims to soar high with its already established Corporate Travel Program. The program aims at facilitating business travel needs of companies at various domestic and international locations. Corporate Travel plans by AcrossOcean offer economical and convenient travel solutions by merging technology with the dependability of human resources, thus ensuring optimum value for the customer. The concept offers time-saving and cost-effective assistance and online booking solution for your day to day business travel needs. The current portfolio of AcrossOcean.com's corporate clientele includes among many others, names such as Uma Enterprises,Doctor Fresh, Clara Low Forum, Thug Forum.

We use Kayako Help Desk which is the world's leading multi-channel helpdesk solution that enables our organizations to deliver a better customer experience and work more effectively as a team. Whether over email, support tickets, self-help, live chat or voice, our customers' support history is tracked in one place and can be accessed from anywhere.


Top Destinations

Notice of Temporary Office and Our Services Closure - COVID - 19
Our first priority is the continued safety of our employees and our customers. Public health officials continue to advise that social distancing is the most effective strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As such, all Across Ocean Travels office and our services will be closed. Should you need to contact us, please email ticket@acrossocean.com and one of our representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
We appreciate your support and understanding of this decision.