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How to buy airfare tickets at cheap rates

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With the fuel charges raising quite often the airfares are getting hiked. Those who need to travel quite often and like to do traveling comfortably prefer to travel by air. It is very important to know how to get air tickets at very affordable price. At the first instance it may sound difficult but with a little consideration and some tractability, one can reach his or her favorite destination without spending more. With a few more useful tips, one should be able to buy cheap airline tickets very easily.

One must update oneself on airfare charges by looking out the news and checking out the newspaper. From time to time the major airlines offer promotional fares and one must not miss these opportunities. One must be flexible in scheduling the flights. There are some days of the week when the flight charges are the cheapest so one can get the opportunity of these flights in buying the tickets at the affordable rates. Late night flights, very early morning trips and trips with at least one stop are available at much discounted rates by many airlines so one can take these in order to save money.  Sometimes the airlines offer travel packages so that the ticket holders can save money in these areas. E.g. a hotel room, a rental room etc are offered at discounted price along with the ticket fare.

Before getting the tickets, one must inquire if the stated charge is the cheapest one or there are other options. It is very important to talk to the reservations clerk properly to know about different other options of flight tickets to a particular place so that one can avail the cheapest one. If one is flying off-season, one can inquire about standby fares. During the peak season, it is bad to fly standby as most airlines are overbooked and it is very difficult to get an extra seat.

It is better to purchase the airline tickets through consolidators as they purchase blocks of tickets and sell them at a discounted price to the travelers. Newspaper, travel magazines or internet could be the best sources for getting the address or phone numbers of such consolidators. If the travel time is already planned then it is better to book the tickets early. Booking the tickets early will help one to get the tickets at much discounted price. One must get the tickets from the same airline during the entire trip so that one can get round-trip or linking fare concessions.    


5 Abandoned Spots in India with Glorious Past

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India is known for its glorious past and heritage. There are a number of monuments and places in India where it’s arduous to believe once these places were the architectural grandeurs and the epicentre of monarchy, lavish lifestyles, devotion and enlightenment. India is amongst the oldest civilizations within the world and is guarded by mountain range on the North and is enclosed by Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean in the south.  A number of the places in India witness of their wonderful past and are referred to as the simplest historical cities within the world.

Nalanda : Nalanda University a prestigious seat of learning in Asia where students and scholars came from India and abroad to quench their thirst for knowledge in Buddhism, Nalanda occupies a rather high place in the list of the Buddhist destinations of India. Lord Buddha had visited this place. In fact, the ancient city of Nalanda is built at the exact spot where Buddha had stayed earlier. Nalanda University is the popular tourist spot in India.

Martand Sun Temple, Jammu and Kashmir:  Martand, the ancient temple dedicated to the Sun God built during the 8th century CE.  The Martand temple was built on top of a plateau from where one can view whole of the Kashmir Valley.  The expedition reveals that the temple was the excellent and rare composition of Indo-Greek architecture. The temple is survived by the gigantic pillars and creaky walls. The primary shrine is located in a centralized structure that is thought to have had a pyramidal top - a common feature of the temples in Kashmir. 

Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan: Kumbhalgarh is called as Jewel of Mewar and was built by Maharana Kumbha in 15th century A.D. The fort is extended by its 36 km of a wall, which is the second largest after Great Wall of China and is the second largest fort in Rajasthan. Kumbhalgarh is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap the great king and warrior of Mewar.   Kumbhalgarh has sevenfortified gateways. There are over 360 temples within the fort, three hundred ancient Jain and the rest Hindu. Kumbhalgarh Fort still stands high as the symbol of the royal past of Rajasthan.

Leh Palace, Leh:  Leh Palace is a former royal palace. the palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. The palace was abandoned when Dogra forces took control of Ladakh in the middle 19th century, and the royal family moved to Stok Palace. The palace is hospitable the general public and also the roof provides broad views of Leh and also the close areas.

Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad, Telangana: Golconda, also known as Golkonda  is one of the significant historical places in India showcasing architectural genius through its ruins. The 16th-century fort offers a picturesque view of Hyderabad city from the top. The fort has been the seat of powerful empires in the Southern Kingdom from Kakatiya dynasty, Musunuri Nayaks and Qutubshahi before being seized by the Mughals. The region is known for the mines that have produced some of the world's most famous gems.



The Budget Travel Vacations to India

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Holidays in India is enriching expertise for the tourists. The presence of variety of holidaymaker destinations within the country makes this country a value visit for tourists of all tastes. Be it the historical tours of city, the discourteous fantastic thing about deserts in Rajasthan, or fantastic nature of Kerala backwaters, India offers one thing for all. The variety of budget choices makes these tours viable for tourists from completely different spheres of the society.

Budget Travel attracts many tourists because it offers a bigger worth of the traveller’s cash. Variety of packages offered by numerous travel agencies offer a good chance to explore the endless great thing about this country. What will be higher if one gets the prospect to explore the majestic great thing about the chain of mountains, the exotic great thing about state beaches and therefore the wealthy cultural heritage of India in reasonable rate. The Budget Travel Vacations to India provides a rare chance to expertise a completely pleasant tour of this colourful land while not feeling the pinch of the expense.

India is a great country to explore, especially when it comes to seeing historical sites and cultural districts. India is full of free activities to keep your budget in check and enjoy many annual festivals throughout the year. Temples are a big part of Indian culture and also bring about plenty of cheap entertainment and discussion for travellers. There are many to see, including the Haji Ali mosque in Mumbai or the Galta Monkey Temple in Jaipur. If you need a day to relax from the sightseeing spend the day at one of the beach. It's free, it's relaxing and it's beautiful. Tours like India Golden Triangle Tour, Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour perfectly suits the need as they come at an affordable price. The cultural tours of India are a major draw for tourists. Tourists can get a close look of the rich culture of the place.

Budget travel is truly a good profit for every traveller. India is terribly modest country wherever the people live in normal manner. Budget travel on India tours really permits you to measure the lifetime of a mean Indian in native surroundings. Being a budget traveller additionally permits you to move with more locals and explore a number of the lesser familiar sights of India. Budget hotels in India have considerably lower tariffs, however they additionally make sure you lots of comfort and even as a lot of relaxation. This is often good for somebody who desires to use the building as a resting place for the night, or simply a straightforward means of getting some quiet time between travels. this is often a good possibility for the lone somebody or perhaps students.

Travelling on low budget in India is quite fascinating. Rather than the traditional flights between places you'll have to be compelled to take either a train or a bus. Though the journey can take you for much longer than a flight, this is often a beautiful probability to savour places on the way while not really having to prevent by them. You'll really see the landscapes amendment and territories merge with each other, you'll feel the climate vary as you pass from one state to the opposite, and you'll see however traditions build neighbour cities starkly different.


Inexpensive Family Vacations - 5 Ideas for Unforgettable Vacations

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Are you planning a family vacation? Family Vacations are always memorable and exciting. Taking a family vacation is a great way to spend some quality time with your family. When you are thinking for a vacation you always trying to find the affordable vacation that are inexpensive but also be unforgettable, finding affordable family vacation can be challenging because you know that you have to pay for the trip, secondly you have to be sure that you choose right location so that the whole family will enjoy. If you are thinking for inexpensive vacation then you have to search for the location, places which are in budget and must give a thrilling experience. So from my point of view, India is the country where there are lots of places where you can visit and make your family vacation unforgettable. So here are 5 ideas for unforgettable Vacation: 

Choose a perfect Place: When choosing any location, must think a place where your family will enjoy. If you are thinking to go some adventurous location than this location are little expensive because these places have rafting, climbing, hotels, travel games, are very costly. So choose the location which are inexpensive and you can find activities also so that everyone can enjoy. You can find a lot of cheaper hotels which will cost you very less. You can find those cheap hotels list on the internet.  

Planning: Planning is very important while travelling with family. Decide on your destination after a thorough research, and book the air tickets as earlier as possible so that you get cheaper air fares. Using low fare airline is still one of the best ways to get a cheap flight. You can visit a various website of Low-Cost Airlines. Book for the right holiday spots according to the season, so that you enjoy you will enjoy with your family the beauty of the place with much fulfilment. If you won’t your family vacation will be inexpensive than try not book during holiday seasons like Christmas, New year because in this vacation travelling is more expensive due to traffic 

Keep all the necessary things: It is essential that you pack all the necessary things like first aid kit, medicines, credit cards, cash, etc. while travelling. It is important that you keep ID Cards to avoid revealing personal details. Carry a minimal luggage with you. This will reduce stress on the body while travelling. 

Carry Snacks: Carry enough snacks and mineral water so that it will help you to travel healthy and will save your lots of money. Also, try to find information about where you can find some cheap restaurants in that city. 

Documentation: Your vacation should be documented well. Not every day we can enjoy a vacation like that, so those beautiful memories should be documented really well. You just need to prepare a digital camera. Make sure it has enough memory, and the battery has already been fully charged. 

These are some of the travel tips that people usually neglect. Always keep these tips in mind in order to make your vacation the most memorable one.

The Royal Heritage of Jaipur in India

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Rajasthan is the place which starts from Jaipur known as the desert capital of India and is additionally known as Pink city. Lots of tourist comes to see this royal place of India. This is the palace which surrounds with royal heritage and modern culture. This place known as Royal place because this pink city is also the capital city of kings of Rajasthan.

This city is strewn with remarkable architectural remnants of the Mughal and pre-modern era such as the Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal and more. Jantar Mantar, which used to be an observatory during the time of King Jai Singh II, now finds itself as part of World Heritage Sites. Jaipur denotes as the residence of Rajputana Royalty is now known as the most luxury places in India. Many Royal families build their homes like king Mahal so they turn their places into hotels so that tourist can have a feel of Royalty. These luxury palaces in Rajasthan prove to be the perfect abode for those looking forward to an authentic experience.

These luxury palaces in Rajasthan influence be the right abode for those trying forward to an authentic expertise. With such wealthy insight into the culture, design and history of India, it's no marvel then that this tour has been tagged the “Golden Triangle”.

Located within the heart of the Pink town Jaipur, the town Palace was wherever the prince reigned from. This palace additionally includes the far-famed 'Chandra Mahal' and 'Mubarak Mahal', and alternative buildings that kind a vicinity of the palace complicated. The palace is found towards the northeast aspect of central Jaipur and has several courtyards and buildings. Today, the 'Chandra Mahal' has been turned into a museum which is home to unique handcrafted products, various uniforms of the rulers and many more things pertaining to the royal heritage of the City Palace.

Enjoy the Sightseeing, village tours, ethnic dances, camel ride through golden sand dunes. The City Palace could be a landmark in Jaipur and is additionally a really widespread toured hotspot. Except for the royal design, the palace offers a stunning view of the Pink town and conjointly an insight into the wealthy heritage of a bygone era. The town Palace could be a must-see whereas look in Jaipur.


Popular Agra attractions

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Agra can be considered as the most visited place in India by tourists and the main reason behind this is Taj Mahal. However, from the historical point of view there are a number of places which you can visit in Agra. If you are interested in history or historical places then you must visit Agra. Here are some popular attractions of Agra.

Agra fort

The Agra fort is also well known among the people as “Red fort of Agra”. It is located on river banks of Yamuna. It can be considered as the perfect example of architecture marvel and it was built in fifteenth century in 1565.

Mausamman Burj

Musamman Burj is also placed close to Diwan-i-Khas, imposing private hall of Emperor Shah Jahan. The Mausamman Burj is also renowned as the Saman Burj and is exquisite architectural marvel along with an octagonal tower. It has many carvings on its structure adorned with the colour tiles.

Moti Masjid

It is located on slopes from the east to west to the north of the Diwan-e-aam complex. The Moti Masjid is also famous for pearl-white exteriors as well as beautiful interiors and exteriors. It was built in the years of 1648-54. This mosque has twelve pillars and has cusped arches.

Chini Ka Rauza

Chini Ka Rauza is also a very spectacular tomb which is located very close to the Taj Mahal in Agra. This tomb is dedicated to Prime Minister of the Mughal dynasty Allama Afzal Khan who was a Mullah of Shiraz during Shah Jahan rule

Shopping in Agra

Agra is known for its handcraft and fine artistry custom. The set products produced in Agra are popular around the globe; hence a vacationer will find a variety of set footwear & shoes. "Agra ka petha" a well known lovely is also popular by the name of Agra.



A brief overview of Dalhousie weather

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Dalhousie is a popular tourist destination among the people from different parts of the country. Dalhousie is known for its beautiful weather and snow covered mountains which offer a very beautiful view. However, apart from these there are many other places which you should not miss when you are on a trip to Dalhousie such as:

Summers: The summers in Dalhousie normally start from the mid of March till June. The temperature during these months ranges from approximately 15 degree Celsius to 25 degree celcius. It has been observed that during this time the people from Indian plains visit the Dalhousie. The days are normally hot while nights are cold during this time.

Winters: The winters in Dalhousie are extremely cold and there is a lot of snowfall and these winters normally start from November and continue till February. It is not easy to manage for the tourists to manage in winters since it is very cold and the place is 8000 feet above the sea level. However, during this time tourists can get huge discounts and is best time to enjoy snowfall.


Monsoons: The monsoons in Dalhousie start from June and continue till September. There is a very heavy rainfall during monsoons in Dalhousie. Moreover, there are a large number of tourists who come to Dalhousie during monsoons. The place also looks very beautiful; mountains appear shiny and clean and it offers a beautifully scenery.

Jaipur travel guide

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If you are looking for a break from your busy schedule then planning a tour is a good option for you. Normally, when we plan for a vacation we easily get confused to where to go since you need to do research in various aspects such as where to go, where to stay and what are the sightseeing places etc. However, if you are looking for prefect gateway from Delhi, then Jaipur is a good option. The tour to Jaipur is truly of its kind where you will find a lot of things to enjoy. 

Jaipur is also famous by the name of Pink city. It was founded by King Sawai JaiSingh II. The old palaces of in Jaipur are the popular tourist attraction nowadays. Moreover, you can also find a wide range of shopping options. Jaipur Bazaar is famous for Rajasthani jewellery and other accessories such as Rajasthani ethnic clothes, footwear etc. 

There are several Jaipur travel packages which are offered by various travel companies and travel agencies. These Jaipur tours are also available with all travel agencies and you can also opt for luxury to the economical Jaipur tour package according to your preference. 

The Jaipur sightseeing also include visit to famous Amber Fort which is built with white marble as well as red sandstones, Hawa Mahal is also a splendiferous example of Rajputana architecture which talks about glory of royal family, the City Palace of the Jaipur etc are some of the places which should not miss on your trip to Jaipur. 

Jaipur has got its name ‘Pink city’ due to number of glorious pink structures located in the city. Jaipur is also popular among the people due to its historical significance since you can easily find a number of historical palaces and impressive forts in the city. Jaipur came into existence in eighteenth century when Emperor Sawai Jai Singh decided to move the capital from Amber. The old city of Jaipur is equipped with the seven gates and surrounded by huge walls. 


The ancient monuments, palaces and forts of old city of Jaipur are world famous for their unmatched architecture. These heritages of city are the rich sources of the information regarding the lifestyle of ancient times. 

The main attraction of Jaipur is Hawa Mahal. It was built for the Rajput women, it is well known for the unique architecture as well as design. The Jaipur tourist attractions also include the Jaigarh Fort, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar and Amber Fort Palace, Observatory as well as the Government Central Museum. 

In Jaipur you can also explore the streets of city or also visit the temples of city. A number of famous temples of Jaipur also include Kalki temple, Govind Deoji temple, Jagat Shiromani temple, Birla Mandir, Moti Doongri, Galta Mandir temple as well as Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple.



A brief overview of Agra

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Agra is in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, around 200 km from the New Delhi. Agra has the Taj Mahal, one of the most well-known structures and the greatest vacationer location on the globe, and two other UNESCO Globe Culture sites are also located here, the Agra Citadel in the town and Fatehpur Sikri close by. The town has little else though. Contamination, especially pollution and trash, is widespread and visitors are pestered by colonies of boasts and hawkers at every monument, mosque, forehead or structure. 

Agra is one place, which has several locations of tourists' attention. Come and check out Agra to add some more shade to your date trips to Agra. Agra also allows you to surf through the structural elegance of the mausoleums, the fort and the castles of the investment in the Sixteenth and beginning Seventeenth hundreds of years. Apart from Taj Mahal there are many locations in Agra to check out like Itmad-Ud-Daulah Grave, Fatehpur Sikri, Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh, Dayal Bagh, Jahangir Mahal Agra Citadel, Sikandra,. 

Agra also has an airport terminal where flight tickets are available for several places. Both govt and personal air passage operate to Agra. The Delhi to Agra journey is a short journey of 40 minutes. Agra is appropriately signed up with to Delhi by train collections. Many trains also link Delhi and Agra, as well as high-class trains such as the Palace on Tires. Agra is quickly accessible by road from Delhi. The Nationwide Road from Delhi is well managed. The 204 km range from Delhi to Agra is a smooth road. Various govt and personal vehicles operate along this path. 

Agra is known for its handcraft and fine artistry custom. The set products produced in Agra are popular around the globe; hence a vacationer will find a variety of set footwear & shoes. "Agra ka petha" a well known lovely is also popular by the name of Agra.



All about hotels in Dalhousie

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Due to the salubrious climate of Dalhousie, it is a best tourist destination for honeymooners, couples, family or group of mountains. The chirping of birds, beautiful hills, and warmth of sun overhead is something which tourists yearn for. Dalhousie is named after the British governor general in India during the British rule. This town was built as the summer retreat and since then there are a wide number of hotels in Dalhousie.

Luxurious stay in Dalhousie

If you are looking for a luxurious stray in Dalhousie then Dalhousie heights is a best option for you. The resort offers you well furnished rooms, attached bathroom, sofa unit, telephone and television as well as a study table. Moreover, it is also offers a number of your packages for honeymooners, families and couples. The list of hotels in Dalhousie for the luxurious stay also includes hotels such as Snow valley resort, Presidential and Maharaja Corner rooms.

However, if you are a budget conscious tourist and looking for a affordable stay along with a quality of service then also you will not be disappointed at Dalhousie. For instance you can select Ark hotel which is known for its affordable services. You will be provided with three choices for the type of rooms you need i.e. regular, deluxe and the super deluxe rooms along with other several amenities such as conference hall, currency exchange, doctor on call, in house restaurant etc. The other affordable hotels in Dalhousie are Surya hotel and Mehar’s hotel; these two hotels are located in a very beautiful location which offers a panoramic view of city.      

India has a great deal of magical experience of travel spots to offer to visitors. If you are living out of the country and wish to book your tickets beforehand, it is a great idea to save money with discounted rates flights to India.

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