How to buy airfare tickets at cheap rates

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With the fuel charges raising quite often the airfares are getting hiked. Those who need to travel quite often and like to do traveling comfortably prefer to travel by air. It is very important to know how to get air tickets at very affordable price. At the first instance it may sound difficult but with a little consideration and some tractability, one can reach his or her favorite destination without spending more. With a few more useful tips, one should be able to buy cheap airline tickets very easily.

One must update oneself on airfare charges by looking out the news and checking out the newspaper. From time to time the major airlines offer promotional fares and one must not miss these opportunities. One must be flexible in scheduling the flights. There are some days of the week when the flight charges are the cheapest so one can get the opportunity of these flights in buying the tickets at the affordable rates. Late night flights, very early morning trips and trips with at least one stop are available at much discounted rates by many airlines so one can take these in order to save money.  Sometimes the airlines offer travel packages so that the ticket holders can save money in these areas. E.g. a hotel room, a rental room etc are offered at discounted price along with the ticket fare.

Before getting the tickets, one must inquire if the stated charge is the cheapest one or there are other options. It is very important to talk to the reservations clerk properly to know about different other options of flight tickets to a particular place so that one can avail the cheapest one. If one is flying off-season, one can inquire about standby fares. During the peak season, it is bad to fly standby as most airlines are overbooked and it is very difficult to get an extra seat.

It is better to purchase the airline tickets through consolidators as they purchase blocks of tickets and sell them at a discounted price to the travelers. Newspaper, travel magazines or internet could be the best sources for getting the address or phone numbers of such consolidators. If the travel time is already planned then it is better to book the tickets early. Booking the tickets early will help one to get the tickets at much discounted price. One must get the tickets from the same airline during the entire trip so that one can get round-trip or linking fare concessions.